July 22, 2018

Augmented Reality – is it the Key to the City?


If you have read the latest issue of FutureArch magazine, you will have seen our interview with Neil Manthorpe on augmented reality.

If you haven’t – you are missing out! Check it out here

In the feature, Neil discusses the app, Key to the City. Key to the City is an educational app that allows you to unlock the hidden layers of the city to experience its rich heritage, history and culture. It does this by using AR, Videos and information points, depending on where you are in London. The hope is that users will be encouraged to get out into London and use the spaces that have been created, particularly in areas where space has been underutilised.

Augmented reality is a live view of a physical environment that is enhanced by a computer generated visual – looking through your phone or tablet as though taking a photograph, and seeing additional visuals on screen. This is not to be confused with virtual reality where the entire background is computer generated.


This video from Key to the City demonstrates how the app works. 

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