July 22, 2018

New campaign launched to grow a wildflower for every Londoner


A new campaign has been launched between London National Park City, and Seedball to ‘grow the national park city’ by sowing #wildflowersforLondoners

The campaign website explains: “This spring, we are calling for Londoners to come together and help make London a successful National Park City by sowing 9 million #WildflowersForLondoners – one flower for every Londoner.

“You don’t need to know about gardening to help turn London into a greener landscape.

“By backing our campaign, you are helping us to show Londoners how easy it is to #getgrowing in our own neighbourhoods and how, through small actions, over time we can transform our urban landscape into a beautiful city of colourful wildflowers returning every year.

“London National Park City has partnered with Seedball for this project, an award winning North London based social enterprise that produces wildflower seed balls.”

A donation site has been set up, with a target of £20,000, which can be found here


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