July 22, 2018

FutureArc re-brands in line with first anniversary


FutureArch is fast-approaching its first anniversary as a standalone magazine. To coincide with this achievement, we’re making some minor changes to the brand, the design of the magazine and the content that we will continue to supply via all our media channels.

As children, we were always taught to speak proper and to never drop our Hs. Well, on this occasion, we’ve decided to disregard this advice, and from the May issue onwards, we will be known as FutureArc.

We’ve made this decision to take the brand to the next step and to bring clarity into the market. We’ will be simplifying the design of the magazine, and we’ve extended that to our logo too.

FutureArc will be covering the biggest news, hottest projects and the most divisive topics across the whole of the UK’s commercial landscaping and design industry. As well as interviews with the leading landscape architects, we will be covering local authority landscape architect departments, the biggest and best commercial landscaping contractors the company has to offer, and we will be expanding our output to the property and housing sector. We will continue to bring this dynamic industry together.

Features editor Joe Betts comments: “We’re very excited about the rebranding. It will bring a clearer insight into our objectives within the UK commercial landscaping market.
It’s our first anniversary too, and a refresh to the branding is a great way to celebrate this milestone.”
For further information on FutureArc, contact Joe Betts on 01903 777 573 or email joe.betts@eljays44.com

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